Is There Ever a Wrong Time For Hot Sauce?

I always have the daily kitchen staples in my house: milk, bread, cooking oil, and hot sauce! It is just something that can always be found on my table and in my food. Life wasn’t always this way, but I’ve gotten better as I age. Now that I’ve stopped caring about what anybody thinks, I make my food the way I want to. I don’t always want every meal hot enough that I want my eyes watering, but I do like a lot of bold flavors in my food. If it’s not going to come by it honestly with seasoning and preparation, then I’m going to add some hot sauce and help it along.

I’ve got different kinds with different levels of heat, because I don’t want my eggs burnin’ through me first thing in the morning, but that chicken and rice I plan to be fixin for dinner is certainly begging for a serious added kick of flavor.Heck, I’ll even mix it into salad dressing! If I’m going to be eating rabbit food, you know darn well that I’m going to be mixing some hot sauce into that frou-frou vinaigrette you’re trying to pawn off on me.

Here are some interesting ways to add a little more hot sauce to your day:

–mix a little in with your soup. Especially if you’re feeling sick, nothing is better for clearing out those ol’ sinus passages, am I right?

–on a cold night, add it to some hot chocolate for extra warmth.

–melt some butter, stir in some hot sauce, and pour over some freshly made popcorn. Your kids will never try to steal your snacks again!

–add some to your hollandaise, cocktail, or pasta sauce for an extra special dose of flavor. You can improve the taste of hummus significantly if you add some hot sauce to it.

–Believe it or not, tossing some in with a fruit salad really makes a boring pot luck standby really sing.

–It goes great with ketchup, and ketchup goes great with so many things: ground meat, burgers, fries, chicken, hot dogs…

–Thanksgiving dinner. When you make the brine for that turkey, add in some hot sauce. It’ll add spice and smokiness. Your guests will thank you.

I do all of this—and more—on a regular basis. Some of it came about just because I was trying to drown out the taste of something else, and other times it was intentional. When you start adding hot sauce to food, don’t just dump a whole lot on. Add a little and try it first. Your goal is to add a warmth of flavor, not just face-melting heat.

If there is ever a wrong time for hot sauce, I don’t want to be right!