Upgrading the Backyard

Imagine devoting an entire blog to trampolines. Well, you are about to read one. I am staring blankly at the one in my backyard, but it doesn’t go away. It is time to take down my daughter’s favorite sport now that she is away at school. I could leave well enough alone and wait for her return, but suddenly I have a huge desire to install a brick barbecue grill and smoke in its place. Sure, I could do this outdoor kitchen elsewhere, perhaps near the covered patio like everyone else. It is just that the Trampoline Choice is such an eyesore. Who wants a large round thing with stringy things all around it in a lovely plant-covered yard? The space could be much more attractive. My daughter loved it, of course, as most kids do. When she was young, you couldn’t get her off. It was bounce, bounce, bounce—all the time.

Adults like them I am told; it is just that I am not one of them. I chose to exercise in different ways. I can go to the gym, stop eating so much, walk the dog through the neighborhood (several times a day), or lift weights in the spare room. Getting on a taut mat and making a fool of myself as I do somersaults and flips is not my idea of adult behavior. I don’t care if gymnasts do it. They live in another world of form and fitness. They live in gyms all day long and use whatever is around.

I could do the same and use what is around but this ugly behemoth of a trampoline is not to my liking nor my idea of fun. I can just smell the barbecue sauce on the grilling ribs, chicken, and steak. My mouth is watering as I write. I am even willing to share my fare with friends, family, people on Facebook and some nosy neighbors. They are used to coming over to use the trampoline – or at least their kids are. There is about to be a new look at my house and a new source of fun.

My daughter will have to be on board, and she does like barbecue. If she craves a trampoline session, she can pop in at the nearest place. They are, oddly enough, springing up here and there. Given their popularity, I wonder if I am making the right decision. I know I am. I want to see a bright shiny stainless steel grill smoking away when I come home from work. I want to sit and relax on the patio chaise lounge sipping an ice-cold brew. I will get up infrequently to turn the ribs (chicken or steak) over to brown the other side. I am an outdoor chef at heart and could eat from the BBQ every day. I have the best sauce recipes in town. When it comes to spice and heat, I am the king.