Trash Bandits

Have you ever taken out your trash one night to find that the cans are knocked over and papers and garbage are strewn everywhere? The smell is overwhelming and your shoes get stuck in the goo. You are beside yourself as you pick up the mess. No, it isn’t the neighborhood pranksters or a stray cat. It is a bunch of errant racoons gone wild with hunger. People have seen them all over town. It is hard to avoid them. They seem to multiply like rabbits. I have had my share of run-ins with these evil critters. I am not the only one who faces their wrath if you don’t have something tasty lying around. They will forage until they find it. Who would guess that they would want my leftovers as spicy as they are. Maybe these racoons like hot sauce. Ha!

I thought I had met my match after a few tussles with these ugly fellows. I asked my neighbors for advice. In fact, I set up a community meeting on the subject of “animal invasion.” Besides packing your garbage tightly in sealed bags, there isn’t much you can do we decided. I just couldn’t accept that. There had to be a way and I started to do my usual research online. Guess what. I found the solution. I bought the best outdoor motion sensor lights to place strategically on the fence next to the trash cans. If some little masked bandit comes within their range, the lights go on very brightly and scare them away. You can add sound if you want, but I am waiting to hear from the neighbors. If we all do this, imagine the cacophony of odds noises.

As far as I can tell, the light works just fine as I haven’t had a run-in in weeks. The trash stays in the can and the alley is not a sight for sore eyes. But I also know that the racoons are there, lurking about on the hunt. I don’t want to set traps as I am not a cruel person. Animal control will come anytime you spot them in your yard. I once found them on the roof hiding in a metal vent. The rattle of their feet was unsettling. It felt like a hoard of rats. If one house has garbage, they will stay in the hood in the hopes of finding a treasure trove in a can. Thus, the neighbors and I all decided that it would be an all or none effort. Everyone would get at least one or two motion sensors for outdoor use. They come in various sizes and are easy to mount on fences are stick in the ground in case the creatures trespass on your lawn. Just beware that your teenage son might get caught sneaking about at night, trying to jump the fence to get into the house after hours.