Nice Visit With my Daughter

I miss my daughter, so I talked my wife into going with me to visit her at school for the weekend. It would be a good opportunity to bond and catch up. She requested that we bring various things she needs. At the top of the list is a quality backpack. She has an old college student bag that has certainly seen better days. My wife and I agreed that getting a nice business one would be better as she will be graduating soon. The business style is more expensive, but it is also sturdier and will last a longer time. One day it won’t be loaded with heavy text books and gym shoes and instead will be a container of business papers and office supplies.

In addition to the backpack, she wanted some food. This comes as no surprise! What college kid doesn’t feel like they are starving and that the cafeteria food is terrible. I assembled a variety of yummy things that wouldn’t spoil. I didn’t limit myself to cookies, chips, and crackers. Believing in the power of flavor and spice, I also got some interested packaged and canned goods that would do well for a basic meal. Chili is her favorite and there are at least twenty types from which to choose. Fortunately, I know which one. I also would take some hot sauce and sriracha. They can make some bad cafeteria food shine.

Like father like daughter. We are two peas in a pod. My wife gets a real kick out of it. We will be food buddies for life. My daughter is the light of my life. We like to cook together, share favorite tips and tricks in the kitchen, and dine out when she is home. I poured my heart into that gift backpack in the hopes that it will spark her memory of our good times. I spent a long time researching it and found a great web site to help me at I sent all the loving vibes I possess with the contents. I will be there to see her open it and perhaps we will share a tidbit or two. It is hard to envision her as a career woman with the backpack in a new function. Maybe she will prefer a briefcase, but I know she is a casual gal. Meanwhile it is more than perfect for school and to take on part-time jobs and at night when she joins friends.

Children are your namesake. They are your life for so long and then they are gone. Giving them care packages is all I can do at this point. We text and e-mail like any other father and daughter, but it is not the same without her physical presence. I have so many wonderful memories and I expect to have many more as she enters a new phase of life. It is also a new phase for me and my wife. Meanwhile, I busy myself whipping up new dishes that use traditional spices in novel ways. I thus have two passions in my life.