Guest of Honor

I was so excited when my daughter called and announced that she was going to come home from college for a visit. I knew that it wouldn’t be long so I planned to make great use of the time. What better way to celebrate her appearance than to throw a party for all her friends. I included family as well. There is an art to having a party or so I am told. I am not a big entertainer but I can host people with some hot, spicy food and a keg of beer. I believe in keeping it simple so you don’t get over your head in the food and beverage department.

He food part is easy because I top everything with hot sauce. I kid you not. If you don’t like it this way, don’t come over. I start with breakfast. An omelet sings when it is flavored with sriracha. It goes in a bloody Mary drink to rev up the tomato juice. For lunch, have a burger spiked with tobacco mixed with stead sauce and you will give your tongue a treat. Any kind of meat or fish can be doctored up for dinner. You can eat your way through the entire day keeping it spicy. I hope I have made my point. Now, for the party, I will make my special salsa dip to coat fresh tortilla chips. It is a crowd pleaser for sure.

The party was successful because people like corn relish mixed with all kinds of spicy and they ate up the barbecued chicken wings which were no less hot. It was a feast of hot appetizer cooled off by the aforementioned beer. I hoped that one keg would be enough based on the cost of a keg compared to bottles as looked like a lot of beer and I didn’t want to leave the group without enough to drink. In fact, there was a bit leftover. I can’t say that about the food. It was gone in a flash.

My daughter was thrilled that I did it myself in her honor. I promised to repeat the process any time she wanted to come back home. She was reluctant to leave but her classes were calling her silently in the wind. There were exams and grades to worry about. At least she left with a good taste in her mouth about coming home. She is my pride and joy and I would throw another bash in a second. I would serve whatever she likes.

People ask me for recipes and I don’t even write them down. You have to guess what is in a particular dish by tasting it yourself. If you are good at discerning different kinds of peppers from poblanos and Fresnoes to Anaheim and pimentos, you will make a good start. There are also anchos and rocotillos not to mention Guajillo and jalapenos. I use any and all available in the local store. If they aren’t available, there is a pantry in my kitchen full of exotic jars.