I Won’t Admit it, But My Wife Might be Right

Everything is better with hot sauce, I kid you not. In fact, it makes food taste so much better that I tend to eat larger portions. My wife says I am packing on extra pounds, and I won’t admit it, but she may be right. When food is fun, you do overindulge from time to time. Maybe it is more often than not right now. I won’t give up the Louisiana style of eating, but I will get a bit more conservative. Meanwhile, I am going to take my wife’s advice. I need more exercise and time out of doors. I need another hobby besides collective spicy recipes. Ha! So, what is it going to be?

I thought about sports of various types, but I am not the athletic type. Nor do I like the pace of golf. I abhor bowling and I shun skating of any type. Being a spectator is too static.  I want to do something interesting and different. A friend goes metal detecting for fun and tells me he finds all kinds of bric-a-brac in the oddest places. This piques my interest and it would get me walking on weekends. Plus, I will be away from my nagging wife. I can’t lose! Actually, maybe I can—a few pounds. Ha.

The idea of going metal detecting was spot on. I enjoyed my friend’s company and the places we tried this endeavor. He selected an assortment of parks, playgrounds, parking lots, alleys, gardens, and residential streets. He said that commercial districts were sometimes lucrative in terms of volume of “finds” but that you also get a lot of real junk. I was willing to try anything, so I said, “let’s go!”

I had a metal detector for beginners, so it wasn’t too fancy to operate on my own. My friend has a more complicated device, and I find it cumbersome. Metal detectors vary according to whether it is for amusement or a serious practice. In short, one for a hobbyist treasure-hunter will not be the same as the best one for a professional. Some are obviously better at detecting as they are more sensitive. There are many brands like Garret, Cobra, Teknetics, and Viper. Each company makes one for beginners.

It depends on whether you want it to be waterproof and have lots of accessories. It is about frequency and more advanced technology. The more sophisticated metal detectors can search rivers and streams and on land in any place. When you step up in price, you get more bells and whistles—plus there are more buttons to learn house to use. The only thing I care about is the sounds that the gadget makes when you find something underfoot. Wow. These babies can run from $500 to over $2,000! You can see why I went with the lower-end model.